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On the surface, adzly appears to be a simple ad widget (albeit a very cool one!) ... but behind that cool exterior is a powerful viral marketing machine unlike anything you have seen or used.
So, what exactly makes adzly so powerful? Well, most ad widgets work on the premise that you put the widget on your site and when a visitor clicks on an ad in your widget, you get some sort of compensation ... like 2 cents!
But adzly is totally different, and you are about to see why!
Here's how it works ... 1. You create a widget using our easy online interface. 2. You put this widget on a website, or several websites. 3. You earn credits whenever your widgets get seen. 4. You tell a few people about adzly and they join. They place some widgets online and start earning credits too.
Well, guess what? EVERY time ANY of their widgets is loaded, YOU are going to be credited as well! And remember the "others" ... the people that your referrals brought into adzly? Well, you guessed it ... EVERY time ANY of their widgets are loaded, YOU are going to be credited too!

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