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Make The Most of Any Link You Share Grow Your Audience by adding Retargeting Pixels, Call-to-Action, and Custom Domains to any links. Customize links’ thumbnails and skyrocket the CTR.
You’re probably sharing some external links online. Doing that you are sending visitors away to others’ websites. It’s time to get them back! ‍
Everyone who clicks on your link can be converted into a perfectly targeted custom audience. ‍
Retarget anyone who clicked on your link People who clicked specific links are an incomparably better target than random users because they have already shown interest in some topic.
Getting their attention to your ads is way cheaper and more effective.​

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A links rotator is a unique link that allows you to route visitors to different landing pages. When a visitor clicks your link he will be redirected to one of the multiple URLs you have added to the rotator. There are different delivery rules you can setup: Sequential, Random, Weighted or Spill-over. clickmeter

A tracking link is used to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, channels and activities. You should always use a tracking link when you are directing traffic to your website from an outside channel, like email, social media, PPC campaigns, banner ads, and sponsored posts etc. rebrandly

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