Start conversations that drive millions in extra revenue. With ShopMessage’s marketing platform for Facebook Messenger, you can start having those conversations today.
Trusted by 12,000 brands & counting 12,000+ brands have already made the plunge into deeper more lucrative customer conversations with ShopMessage. Here’s an interesting thing one of our clients said after increasing revenue from Facebook customers by 12%…
10x better engagement than email. Some call it conversational commerce (or the chatbot revolution). Others refer to it as marketing automation for Messenger. Our customers, however, call it wildly effective. And, at 80% open rates, 35% click-through rates and an average of $5 earned for every recipient messaged… we really can’t argue with them. That’s 10x more effective than email marketing.

Send To All Top Social Media Inboxes With Just 1 Click…From Just One Dashboard:
Send rich media broadcasts including images, videos and call-to-actions to all of your contacts right inside their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram inboxes at once. For The First Time Ever,You Can Now Communicate Directly With Your Customers And Prospects AcrossThe Three Biggest Social Media Platforms Online. And Send Them Media-Rich Messages, With Images, Videos, Clickable CTAs And More Directly In The Inboxes Of: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.
Social Media Direct Messaging With SociSendIs Your More Profitable Way Of Marketing.
FACT: People check their social media MORE often their email inboxes. FACT: People are more likely to open your message on social media than in an email inbox. FACT: People see social media as more personal than emails. They can see your profile -they have some sense of who you are – it makes a massive difference to your sales. FACT: Facebook Messenger Marketing Has Up To 80x Better Engagement Than Email.

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